COVID19 Protocol

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Attention all clients, we have updated our clinic protocol during the COVID19 pandemic. Here at Higley Road Pet Clinic we strive to care for your pet while keeping our staff and other clients safe. New protocol information is listed below:
- We are NOT accepting new clients at this time. 
- We are also not able to add other family or friend's pets to existing accounts. 
-If you have not been to the clinic in the past 5 years, you will be considered a new client.
- The lobby is CLOSED to all clients.
-Please call from the parking lot when checking in or when picking up  food/medication.
-1 client PER FAMILY is allowed in the building with their pet if they are meeting with one of the doctors, as long as they wear a face mask OVER their mouth and nose at all times. 
- 2 clients will be allowed in the building for euthanasia procedures.
- Clients can remain curbside (in their vehicle) if they wish and your 
pet's doctor will call from the clinic after the exam.
- If your pet has an appointment with one of the technicians, you will need to remain CURBSIDE (stay in your vehicle).
- Examinations will be performed in the treatment area AWAY from the client.
- Dr. Oliver will come into the exam room to discuss findings and treatments after the exam.
- Dr. Wilken will NOT meet face to face and will communicate through video chat or phone call to discuss findings and treatments. 
- Clients will be charged out from the exam room after examination is complete.
- Telemedicine appointments with Dr. Graham are available Thursday and Fridays.
- Dr. Graham is not in the clinic and will not physically touch the pet.
Consults will be performed through Zoom meeting.
- Dr. Graham will only be able to consult on specific cases and with pets that have been examined within the last year. 
We understand this may be inconvenient or impersonal, bear with us, we are trying hard to care for your pet while keeping our staff safe.
Protocols are subject to change depending on the number of COVID cases in AZ.