Clinic Tour

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Front Desk

Welcome to Higley Road Pet Clinic! This is our front desk where our friendly receptionist Michele would greet you!

Front Hallway

This is our front hallway where one of our fabulous technicians will meet you before heading to an exam room. The food shelves are stocked with Purina Veterinary Diet foods that your pet may need.

Exam Room

We have three exams rooms at Higley Road Pet Clinic. Each room has a bench for clients, an exam table, and a computer. We are paperless, so you will see our technicians typing your charts right in the rooms with you. This is where you and your furry friends will meet Dr. Sam.

Back Hallway

Sneak Peek Time! This is our back hallway where you will find most of the techinicians. Back here your techinician is prepping your furry friend's medication, vaccines, sample goodies, and paperwork that gets sent home. Dr. Sam's office is also back here as well.

Treatment Room

This is our treatment room/area. This is where your furry friend comes for blood draws, nail trims, heartworm tests, wound care, and much more. In the morning the treatment area serves as our surgery prep room.

Surgery Room

This is our surgery room where Dr. Sam , Claudissa, and Rikki spend their mornings. Dr. Sam performs general surgeries such as spays, neuters, dentals, tumor removals, laceration repairs, and hernia repairs.

Xray Room

When your furry friend needs an xray this is where they come. A technician gently lays your friend on the table while taking the xray. There is a small processing room inside the xray room where the xrays are developed. You will know what the xrays look like before you and your friend leave!

Kennel Room

At Higley Road Pet Clinic we do not board. We have 2 large kennels and 6 small kennels that are used for surgical patients and hospitalized patients. We try to keep your pet comfy while they hang out with us for the day by putting towels and blankets in the kennels. We also make sure the kennels are spick and span and will attend to any mess that a patient may make while they stay with us.